Vista Finishes and Warranty Information

Vista Offers these Finishes

Environmentally Tough
Vista has combined years of experience in precision diecast aluminum and injection-molded glass-reinforced polymer, along with textured polyester urethane powder paint, to create the highest quality lighting fixtures available. This combination will provide superior performance and high efficiency under all weather conditions, giving Vista the largest selection of environmentally tough fixtures available industry-wide.


Limited Warranty

Vista Professional Outdoor Lighting fixtures and transformers are guaranteed against mechanical and electrical defects for a period of three (3) years* for fixtures and ten (10) years* for powder-coated, electro-plated steel transformers and a lifetime warranty for stainless steel cases. In addition, Vista offers a ten (10) year warranty against corrosion for all composite fixtures and ballast enclosures. Metallic ballast enclosures are guaranteed for three (3) years against corrosion. Lamps and Ballasts are covered by manufacturers’ trade warranty.

Replacement or repair of authorized returns, found to be mechanically or electrically defective upon inspection within the guarantee period, constitutes fulfillment of all obligation under this warranty. Vista reserves the right to decide between repair and replacement. Vista Professional Outdoor Lighting assumes no responsibility for the proper installation of its products or for labor costs involved in repair or replacement.

Vista Professional Outdoor Lighting shall not be liable to the purchaser for indirect or consequential damage.

* From date of shipment.




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